About Us

Al Yousuf for electronic and mechanical scales

The company was founded by Mr. / Youssef Adel Haggag after a long experience in the field of manufacturing and maintenance of electronic and mechanical scales for more than 15 years before the establishment of the company and then continued the modernization and increasing experience after the establishment of the company and the company in its technical, electronic and mechanical, Leading in the sale of scales of all kinds for all industrial and commercial purposes As well as meat cutting and processing machines of all kinds, and not only the company to sell these products, but the company’s maintenance and after-sales service is done by a team of specialized and highly experienced and supported by a huge balance of spare parts and operating requirements for all types of scales, The company continues to play a leading role in the field of modernizing and developing its services to its customers. We are trying in this framework to offer you a brief description of the fields that the company offers to its customers. We try to satisfy our customers by providing the best services to the customers. Spare parts and the opportunity for those who have never dealt with us to know us

With the greetings of Al Youssef Company for electronic and mechanical scales

M / Youssef Adel Hajjaj